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Are you essentially tired from camping on chilly, rough, or rocky surfaces? When you remain in the outdoors, the corrective remainder is vital! Now, getting your beauty sleep while camping is possible with MATTRESS PRO. Rest like a newborn on our 2.2-inch-thick camping floor covering as well as take on the day to come!

  • Thickness: 2.2 inches
  • R-value: 4.2
  • Size: 74.8 inches x 22.8 inches
  • Packed size: 9 inches x 4.1 inches

This camping mattress is the best one that can be perfectly placed in your car or truck. Trekking the great outdoors is tough. After a trekking day, a lot of backpackers are tired sufficient to pass out face-first when they reach their arranged place. Luckily, we’ve produced the ultimate inflatable camping air mattress for outdoor hiking enthusiasts.


1. Easy to Inflate:

Pump up with 5-10 Breaths and decrease it in a second by opening the valve. Also, You can promptly inflate the mattress pro by Pushing Instead of blowing in a second with Air Pump Inflator For THE MATTRESS PRO. When you purchase 2 Air Mattresses you will get 1 inflator free of cost. Or you can try our MATTRESS PRO 2™ which is the best air mattress for camping with a built-in pump.

2. Very Resilient:

As hikers and campers ourselves, we were sick and tired of having mats pop on us! This is why we made sure the mattress we created wasn’t going to do so… We make use of the resilient dual-layered material for supreme resistance.

3. Ultra Lightweight:

The regular outdoor mattress weighs 1-2kg! Absurd. With a completed item weight of just 500 grams, we made it our goal to decrease our bed mattress’s weight as much as feasible.

4. Super Compact:

One of our consumer’s favorite attributes of this mat is the truth that it is as little as a water bottle when it’s folded up and saved in its carrying bag. Nothing is worse than a cumbersome sleeping mattress swinging around on the side as you stroll.

5. Optimum Comfort:

Do you struggle with backache and neck discomfort whenever you go camping? We absolutely did … This is why we checked and also tested our mattress’s comfort with thousands of people until it was made to be one of the most comfortable ranked air beds ever. With 144 insulated flexible air cells that contour to your body’s exact form, the expert style of this pad will aid you to attain a comfy evening’s sleep regardless of where you are.

6. Cold Defense:

Your body takes in the cold 10x much faster from the ground than it does from bordering cool air. So when camping, the last thing you desire is a cushion that does this also. That is why we have actually an ergonomically created. the multi-layer system inside our floor coverings to make certain absolutely very little heat will certainly be passed from you to the ground, accomplishing an R-value of 4.2.

7. Built-In Pillow:

The top of the mattress is padded in the shape of a cushion to offer a correct pillow for your head as well as neck, which is essential to your comfort and an evening of excellent rest.


We’re proud to have more than 1000 happy clients from all over the world. Having actually made some of one of the most ingenious items on the planet, we wish to back that up. If you’re not 100% completely satisfied with your acquisition of the Mattress Pro, you can return it for a FULL refund within 30 days AFTER you have actually obtained your order, as well as We, ‘re providing a 1-year service warranty for you. Mattress Pro is now partnered with Hitor Hike!

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If you wish to hear what others state regarding MATTRESS PRO, look into the testimonials below. They’re all real reviews from clients similar to you.

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“I have utilized many air mattresses as well as never ever been impressed, however, this one is BEST. I am a side sleeper, as well as this is the first and also lightest one that I can obtain comfortable with! Really amazed. It rolls up extremely small as well as light which is best for trekking. 2 shutoffs make it simple to blow up and also decrease in seconds! My best pad now.”


  1. 6***r (verified owner)

    Light mattress. The volume of the deflated state is very small. Let’s see how it will behave in the campaign

  2. A***y (verified owner)

    The workmanship is good, and then the operation will show.

  3. N***v (verified owner)

    Like normal mats. Thin of course. In the kit there is a patch-sewn to the case, convenient.

  4. E***v (verified owner)

    The mattress is thin, but it is convenient to lie on it. The length is good, the width will not divorce, but it is sufficient. The size in the folded form is very compact. The valves work perfectly. Inflated the mattress, the pressure held for 24 hours (then he took it down). I recommend the goods and the seller.

  5. D***v (verified owner)

    I ‘ve spent one night on the rug. The first time in my life so slept, not to compare with the usual inflatable mattress. My weight is 94 kg, to the ground does not crumble. Very comfortable. Very small folded. Easy to inflate, easy to fold. So I ordered 2 more. i came quickly. The seller also put a cool gift-a coat of arms.

  6. F***v (verified owner)


  7. 6***r (verified owner)

    Everything has come and quickly, we will experience

  8. MATTRESS PRO Shopper (verified owner)

    Great mat. Inflated for a few breaths. Compared to a tourist rug, this is a brilliant thing. The photo shows the size. Worthy goods. Did not blow out for the night (without load).

  9. И***ч (verified owner)

    Thank you, came all 3 pcs. with fast delivery of 3 weeks. Excellent quality, but the best-spotted they are more dense. It is convenient to sleep on your side or back. They don’t blow. Checked in a hike with two nights. Thanks to the seller for the quality and speed.

  10. P***o (verified owner)

    The mat in the case has not yet checked, but looks great. Pumped and 24 hours the air does not let down. Lying very comfortable, pillow under the head comfortable

  11. v***o (verified owner)

    Be very good! Looks good quality! At the moment I haven’t tried it for a whole night but it looks like it can be comfortable!

  12. A***v (verified owner)

    Mats of norms, rustle. The pressure holds everything, do not lower. Ordered with delivery from the Russian Federation, but threw, one and a half months there was a parcel from USA. The longest delivery in my practice… As a gift put either a pillow or a hermobag.

  13. 0***r (verified owner)

    Very good

  14. B***h (verified owner)

    Delivery shvidness is normal. I looked at the floor to finish pristvenna, niyakh smell, all Garno and Rivno zroblene. Primenti Bulo TE, shcho in a little bit of sewn patch for a noisy repair puncture, cool. Plus a podyaka to the seller, by putting a bonus waterproof bag-bag. I recommend it.

    Pretty well made pad, without any chemical smell, also quick-fix patch stitched inside the storage bag (quite). The seller surprised me with the free water-proof bag, which I was thinking about to buy in a future. Would definitely recommend!

  15. s***o (verified owner)

    5 days received quickly excellent thanks)))

  16. S***v (verified owner)

    Excellent compact mattresses. Seller recommend.

  17. I***N (verified owner)

    Ordered 30.06 received 10.07
    Looks great in the case did not check.
    So far, everything is fine. Very Compact
    Weighs 500-600g took two immediately.

  18. D***v (verified owner)

    The mat looks good, but it is blown out in 15 minutes and lying on the ground. Tried as others to lay a piece of package under the valve, but apparently passes the fabric itself or somewhere on the seam. I do not advise you to buy!!!

  19. I***v (verified owner)

    Thank you! Great sell! I like it! The rest thanks to the seller for the gift!)

  20. A***v (verified owner)

    Corresponds to the description, in any case, better than just karemat, many say that descends the night, pumped, I will check in 1 day, I will add to the review the

  21. L***a (verified owner)

    Delivery was very fast, before the Rostov region in a week. 01.07 payment, 7.07 has already been received in podentist 5ki by QRcode. I recommend the seller, the price is very low for this product. Tracked in app. There was no need to contact the seller. After use, I will complement the review.

  22. A***v (verified owner)

    Delivered by courier service sdek to St. Petersburg in a week. Mattresses look quality, color as in the picture, without smells. Tested one of the four. The pump is not needed, inflates for 8-10 exhale 🙂 lay for 10 minutes on the mattress on the floor, with my 80 kg mattress cope. Interesting moment: Raise your head from the pillow, the pressure in the mattress under the body drops. The material is PVC, the size in working condition is about 185 × 65 cm. I bought it for unhappy hikes. I’m happy with the purchase. The seller of 5 stars.

  23. A***v (verified owner)


  24. 7***r (verified owner)

    It came quickly. It worked.

  25. g***a (verified owner)

    Quickly convenient, I recommend to buy

  26. 8***r (verified owner)

    Quickly inflates, quite comfortable with a pillow, satisfied

  27. V***n (verified owner)

    Top mattress. I already took three pieces for hiking

  28. A***k (verified owner)

    Delivery was very fast, the mattress is good, for a picnic is good)

  29. 1***r (verified owner)

    The order was sent quickly, on the day of the order. Sent 29.06.22 and it was written delivery until 04.06.22, in the end came the order 06.06.22. Not critical, but will be attentive. The mat is good, compact, everything is like in the description. Inflated minutes in 2. in the kit there is an elastic band and a cheholchik. Took on sale for 1040 rubles. Soon I will check in hiking conditions 🙂

  30. 6***r (verified owner)

    Nice mat.
    The negative is that the pillow is inflated with the rug. There is no way to throw down only a pillow.
    And overall satisfied.

  31. A***h (verified owner)

    A good mattress, inflates quickly and easily, quite thin, if you sit fifth point on the ground, in the position of lying down in principle norms, but it would not be bad. In the night almost did not go down

  32. R***r (verified owner)

    I liked the mattress, quickly inflates and deflates, the size of the mattress with my height of 182 cm optimal, the pillow is comfortable, it is comfortable to lie on the mattress even even The material of the mattress is client, I would like to have a material on one side, but it is not slippery. Packed qualitatively, cheholo and elastic for fixing in the kit. In the case, the mattress takes up very little space, it’s not a foam! The seller recommend, sent quickly, came the parcel also quickly. Pleasant bonus, the seller gave a hermobag, thank you!

  33. MATTRESS PRO Shopper (verified owner)

    Came from Russia for a week, good quality, soft to sleep, suitable for 187 cm height.

  34. I***v (verified owner)

    Good in quality. Only the color is different.

  35. V***o (verified owner)

    The quality of the mats is satisfied at first glance the material of good-quality inflates really for 10 deep sigh the only thing that does not have enough of the second separate camera for for for its optimal stiffness of the bed then the pillow will As a stone but lying on the back and side it does not give discomfort in principle it is convenient in nature yet did not test how much will keep the pressure complemented later, the only minus the long but it’s not critical before the vacation has time!!!

  36. A***v (verified owner)

    The mattress is light, serves as an addition to the foam, because. It is too soft and thin for separate use.

  37. v***r (verified owner)

    The mattress is very cool. What creaks when you do it. Inflated even by the mouth very quickly-about 5 minutes, deflated approximately the same.

  38. O***n (verified owner)

    I bought two with delivery in Russia. Arrived quickly in the PvZ.
    Quality satisfied. Everything is super!
    I will go to test on a hike!)))

  39. M***k (verified owner)

    The mat is excellent! I take the second, the first five years and he continues to perform his function well.

  40. R***s (verified owner)

    Norms. He’s been blowing his mouth in two minutes. On the grass is definitely not worth putting it. He’ll get through it. First the foam, then the mat.

  41. R***r (verified owner)

    Super mattress, quickly inflates quickly deflated, the only bag is torn.

  42. A***v (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the product, fast delivery, took in the next store, which is much more convenient than in the mail. Thank you seller.

  43. S***v (verified owner)

    I ordered the 29th 4th already received exactly as the seller promised. Very cool thing and very compact. Better than carrying a huge Korean. Weight 600gr. So I advise everyone to the goods and this seller to deliver the goods. To the minus it would be better to say if the pillow was inflated separately to the mat inflate on stronger and the pillow is softer and then generally Super. It remains to be tested in nature. Took for a hammock. Then I’ll add a tip. And I almost forgot inside the cover there is a paper with a film I so understood this REM kit for punctures

  44. A***v (verified owner)

    Like normal, practice will show

  45. М***н (verified owner)

    967,26 rubles/piece

    Convenient, compact. Patch is included

  46. S***Z (verified owner)

    Arrived early, is compact, weighs 505g, the material is light and looks rrsistente, comes a piece patch in bag still not filled, but if have problem back here to tell. Recommend for who makes trails.

  47. m***n (verified owner)

    Light mat, the valve opens tight-it’s even good, test for 1 day 1 night inflated-passed, everything is fine.
    Slippery material, and a little rustle.
    I took 1 so without a bag for inflating I got it-my mouth is quite convenient and quickly inflated.
    When you sit down-sells, but it is worth lying down-and evenly distributed weight all aligns.

  48. A***n (verified owner)

    Delivery week, took for 1385₽, inflated like norms, ordered two immediately for some reason one came and the second “blue” did not come, I hope will reach

  49. A***A (verified owner)

    This is inflatable! Mattress. It’s not a self-inflating mat, Carl! Just an inflatable mattress. There’s nothing inside the emptiness, the overflow. Inflate the litter and everything. Inside there is no foamed PU. Fabric bolonevaya inflatable and that’s it. That’s not what I expected. Hat hat in general. 930₽ sodrali, for 4 days exactly delivery to the door. Fix in general, it is necessary to self-inflate foamed, and this hat is empty

  50. A***v (verified owner)

    Cool mat! Easily inflates with your mouth, takes up little space! On the floor it is convenient to lie on it! let’s see how much enough! Came quickly, as promised. With a height of 187, I completely fit on it

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